Club Caddie -

Happy Holidays and New Year from our family at Club Caddie to yours! We have a number of exciting updates to Club Caddie ready for you to explore in version

New Features

Membership Portal Enhancements
  • Any changes made to A member information are updated in real-time with a refreshing of the page (no longer have to log out and log back in)
  • Loyalty Points update in real-time on the Membership Portal
  • View and download any Invoice
  • UI enhancements
  • Can assign Locker Numbers to Members
Employee Time-clock Module / Payroll Center
  • In the Payroll Center, all employee’s total hours are displayed in one line. Upon double-clicking on an individual employee, the Course User can see all timecards for that employee.
  • Added columns for “Cash Tips”, “Non-Cash Tips, and “Total Tips” for every employee
  • Employees are unable to post duplicate timecards
  • UI enhancements
Repeatable Reservations
  • In the Reservations Module, reservations can now be repeated, similar to the Reoccurring Tee Times, similar to Group Bookings in the Tee Sheet
Add Customer Information to Group Bookings
  • When making a Group Booking in the Tee Sheet, course users can tie a Customer to that Booking
  • Notes can also be added for Group Reservations. These notes will appear on the Customer Receipt as well
  • If a Customer/Member has multiple discounts for a given department, the system will automatically apply the highest available discount for a given department
  • Tips are able to be edited after they have been applied (to ensure that the Course User can correct any tips that were not properly applied the first time)
  • Gift/Refund Vouchers have no expiration date if no date is entered
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