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New live webinar series

Join us for our NEW live webinar series Tuesday, May 7th @ 1:30pm EST reviewing the last quarter of new features in Club Caddie! We’ll pull back the curtain on all the latest updates released in Q1 2024. You’ll get an in-depth look at each new feature.

We will review: 

  • Online Membership Sales 
  • Event Charging 
  • Meal Coursing 
  • and so much more…

Our experts will dive into the details, providing step-by-step tutorials and real-world use cases so you can immediately take advantage. This is your exclusive first look – don’t miss out! 

Please submit questions or topics prior!  We will tailor the content based on your responses to ensure we address the specific examples, workflows, or areas of interest pertaining to your facility or organization. Submit your question

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