Club Caddie partners with Golfback before PGA Show

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Club Caddie, a subsidiary of Jonas Software and a leading provider of cloud-based management software systems for golf courses and country clubs, announced a strategic partnership with GolfBack, a technology company that offers revenue management and automated marketing services in the golf industry.

Brown Golf Management started a company called GolfBack in 2020. It is based in Orlando, Florida. GolfBack’s turnkey reservation suite gives golf course owners direct control over how they interact with local golfers, how they collect customer data, and how their tee times are priced on a daily basis. The platform helps golf courses drive direct tee times, give customers “daily steals” and instant rewards, collect more customer data, and market directly to customers.

John Brown, CEO of Brown Golf Management, said, “The marketing and revenue management tools we made for Brown Golf’s 27 courses work perfectly with Club Caddie’s golf course management suite, which is the best in the business.” “It’s amazing how well Club Caddie and GolfBack work together. Case studies show that the total revenue from greens and carts is up 20%, online rounds are up 50%, and data collection is up 37% from last year.

Club Caddie was started by people who used to own golf courses. It is a single programme that includes tools like the point of sale, tee sheet, event and activity management, customer and member management, accounting, and business intelligence reports. They also have websites and apps for mobile phones. Club Caddie’s unique set of integrated modules lets the programme handle any technology needed to run daily fee golf courses, resorts, and country clubs.

The CEO and co-founder of Club Caddie, Jason Pearsall, said, “Our team’s main skill is making the best-in-class software for running a golf course.” “The partnership with GolfBack lets us focus on what we do best while immediately offering our clients advanced revenue management tools like dynamic pricing and the full-service marketing expertise of one of the most respected management companies in the golf industry. We couldn’t ask for better partners.”

At the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida, on January 25–28, Club Caddie and GolfBack will share booth number 3917.

Club Caddie Holdings, Inc. and What It Does

Entrepreneurial golf course owners and operators came up with the idea of Club Caddie as a way to deal with the challenges of running a profitable golf operation in today’s market. They are based in Grosse Pointe, Michigan, and have been working with golf clubs all over North America for seven years. They have an all-in-one, cloud-based, SaaS product that they sell.

How GolfBack Works

Brown Golf Management, which made GolfBack, put it out as a separate business partner in 2020. The platform, which is like Club Caddie, was made by a company that cared about how well its golf clubs did for its bottom line. The turnkey reservation tool was made to help Brown manage the 27 courses he is in charge of. It gives each course direct control over how they interact with local golfers, how they collect customer data, and how they price their tee times on a daily basis.

Jonas Software runs more than 100 software brands that are run by their own teams all over the world. It gives them the strategic guidance and financial security they need to be leaders in their own markets. Jonas Software started out in the construction and club management markets, but its reach has grown to include the salon/spa, golf, fitness, membership, attractions, hospitality, retail, medical, education, and industrial verticals. Today, Jonas Software is proud to give more than 80,000 businesses in over 20 vertical markets industry-leading enterprise management software and related services.

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