The INS and OUTS of Membership Management Software

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What is Membership Management Software and What Does it Do?

Golf membership software is a tool designed to manage golf club memberships, tee times, and other golf-related activities. Some of the key functions that golf membership software can perform include:

  1. Membership Management: Golf membership software allows club managers to easily manage memberships, including tracking member information, renewal dates, and payment history.
  2. Automated Billing and Payment Processing: Members receive system generated statements and the software bills the members are their due date.
  3. Tee Times and Activity Booking: Book tee times, courts, lanes, spa services, simulators, lessons, and more. The system knows your Members and applies the right booking windows, rates, discounts, and other privileges. Members can book online from a course website or from a mobile app. They can also call in and book on the tee sheet.
  4. Purchase History: Members can see receipts, tips, and all transaction details in real-time from their mobile phone or country club website’s member’s portal.
  5. Payment History: Members can see all payment history and get real time ledger balances.
  6. Minimums: Members can see minimum balances in real-time, avoiding phone calls to the club’s member director or member coordinator.
  7. Bulletin Board: Announcements sent by text, e-mail, push-button notification and to your clubs website and social media, all from one place.
  8. Event Registration: Promote club events like group lessons or clinics, Easter brunches, or Comedy Nights to all members, prospects, or subsets of them.
  9. Sub-Account Administration: add or administer family members and baby-sitters.
  10. Directory: View other member’s information. Communicate with them directly.
  11. Scoring and Golf Data: view previous rounds, edit scores, view playing history, cancel tee times.
  12. Mobile App: Order food and beverages, reserve tee times and other activities, take dining reservations, show member portal details, have direct message conversations, offer rangefinder and digital scorecard, event registration, and announcements.

What are the Primary Benefits of Membership Management Software?

  1. Improve the Member Experience
  2. Decrease the Operational Burden of Manually Billing Members and Controlling Member Privileges.
  3. Increase Revenue for Clubs by decreasing A/R and making it easier for members to spend more while on site, and away from site.

What should I look for in Membership Management Software?

  1. Cloud Based: runs on the internet, accessible from everywhere, has API’s to integrate with third party programs like Quickbooks
  2. All-In-One: Single Sign On. Common User Experience. Easier to learn and teach new staff.
  3. SIngle Database: Events like golf outings require golf, food/beverage and retail to be built into a single invoice, with a common function sheet.
  4. Reputable Company: Your membership management software holds the keys to your clubs finances. Ownership should be reputable as being reliable.
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