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Are you a golf course operator overwhelmed with the demands of marketing in today’s competitive landscape? Navigating through various platforms, engaging customers, and driving revenue while managing day-to-day operations can be a grueling task. That’s why we’re so excited to bring a service like Managed Marketing to our Club Caddie customers, a solution aimed to meet marketing needs while acknowledging time and budget limitations.

The Challenge of Club Marketing

For many golf course operators, finding time to dedicate to marketing efforts often becomes a struggle. The intricacies of devising effective campaigns across multiple channels—social media, email, website management, and more—can feel daunting. It’s a scenario where time is limited, and the guesswork often leads to frustration.

Managed Marketing: A Lifeline for Course Operators

Club Caddie Managed Marketing, steps in as a reliable, agency-like support system, working hand in hand with course operators to find the right marketing campaigns to fit their course’s unique goals.

Comprehensive All-in-One Solution

The Managed Marketing service offers an all-inclusive suite of tools and services. Encompassing Social Media, Email Marketing, Automated Messaging, Google Business Management, and optional Paid Advertising and SMS Marketing, it caters to diverse needs. Moreover, your dedicated marketing expert will conduct a thorough brand audit, providing suggestions and modifications aimed at improving your online performance.

Tailor-Made Strategies for Authentic Engagement

One of the key features is its emphasis on a tailor-made marketing strategy. Operators receive a personalized, proactive marketing strategy tailored to their specific business goals and customers in mind. By leveraging a connected ecosystem, Club Caddie’s service segments golfers and delivers unique, personalized messages, ultimately boosting customer experience and loyalty.

Measurable Results and Expert Insights

The focus on measurable results is pivotal. Club Caddie’s Managed Marketing leverages their platform to unveil deeper insights, offering effortless engagement opportunities with golfers. Uncovering key insights to bolster sales, drive engagement, and enhance overall customer satisfaction becomes streamlined. Furthermore, monthly progress reports provide continual updates, keeping course operators in the loop about campaign effectiveness.

Reclaiming Time with Industry Experts

Most importantly, Managed Marketing allows operators to reclaim their time. By entrusting industry experts, operators can efficiently market to their customers, freeing up valuable time for other crucial aspects of their business. This service not only saves time but also ensures professional handling of marketing efforts, maximizing campaign effectiveness through industry insights and best practices.


For golf course operators, considering a Managed Marketing service like Club Caddie’s could be the game-changer they need. With stress-free, expert-led marketing, operators can focus on what truly matters—delivering an exceptional golfing experience while confidently growing their business.

Ready to Elevate Your Marketing Game?

Book a demo with Club Caddie’s Managed Marketing service today and take the first step towards unlocking your golf course’s full potential!

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