Interview with Ian Brigmann, COO of Club Caddie

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Q: What are the top 3 technology solutions facility operators are looking for?

A: Facility operators typically want:
• Integrated data
• Expanding digital footprint with web portals
• Mobile-first solutions for personalized customer experiences

Q: How does Club Caddie provide easily accessible and digestible data for operators?
A: Club Caddie uses a unified customer database to offer a 360-degree view of customers, centralizing data from various sources like retail, golf, and restaurant operations.

Q: What does “truly integrated” mean in the context of Club Caddie?
A: “Truly integrated” means that Club Caddie replaces reliance on disparate systems with cohesive systems that generate insightful and efficient data management.

Q: What do organizations need to focus on to survive the rapid changes in the golf industry?
A: Organizations should prioritize collecting customer feedback and maintain a customer-centric mindset across all departments.

Q: What are the keys to Club Caddie’s success in the club management software space?
A: Club Caddie’s success is attributed to its culture and guiding principles, which emphasize customer-centricity, teamwork, transparency, and accountability.

Q: How important is feedback, both from partners and internally, in Club Caddie’s continuous improvement?
A: Both internal and partner feedback plays a crucial role in Club Caddie’s continuous improvement, ensuring the platform remains relevant and agile in the changing market.

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